1. LETY’S BAKERY (jackson heights, woodside): winner, Most Pecans Per Tart, Northeastern U.S.

  2. selfie

  3. i’m one of those people who only falls in love with things, and i’ve found my soulmate

  4. see all of the cool places my friends are visiting throughout turkey at jma-location

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  5. "There is never a later, but for most of my life I have believed in later."
    — Donald Hall (via apoetreflects)
  6. i defy you to show me a NYC neighborhood with better alleys, and also, would earnestly like to see

  7. guess the neighborhood this bar is in

  8. everyone was excited about the president’s day sale

  9. Chain pharmacy still believes in romance

  11. blessed to have TWO valentines. have a good friday, all you singletons.


  12. Help me find my stolen bikes


    Hey guys,

    2 bikes, my own and my girlfriend’s, were stolen today from inside our building in Park Slope, via breaking and entering.

    My bike is a Gary Fisher Erwin, black and red, probably 60cm, with a sticker on it that says “Bert’s Bikes”.

    My girlfriend’s is a Trek 7.2 FX WSD women’s road bike with straight handlebars (not scoops), in teal. I’ll try to update this more if I can find the specific information.

    If you have any leads or any information please send me an ask with whatever you can or email beager@gmail.com. These bikes are very dear to us. Even if you don’t have information, a signal boost for NYC, Brooklyn, or the biking community at large would be very appreciated.

    Thanks. Please help us find our bikes :(




  13. it’s unfair how pretty my block is, but not so unfair that my rent is low