1. a week in baton rouge, la

  2. from a quieter uptown stretch of the east river promenade

  3. smiling-hogshead-ranch: (LIC, Queens)


  4. 169 Avenue B. Buzzards/Worms Storefront.



    30 years apart on the Lower East Side


  6. I have no time to read every little London story right now, but I want to have this option when I need it.

  7. lonely tug


  8. Discretion lessons

    i was never taught this explicitly, but i think there’s value in not telling all your problems to any one person. or two people, in case they talk to each other. you’re really not safe unless you keep at least 3 problems going at all times.


  9. "A custom-built, diagonal elevator system is a key part of the new No. 7 station, but installation and testing have been plagued by problems and delays."
    — it’s highly unclear to me why we need to build a wonkavator just to get to 34th St. and 10th Ave. but thanks Benjamin Mueller for the NY Times
  10. one of my favorite sights from my favorite garden

  12. second avenue

  13. we look west