1. it’s unfair how pretty my block is, but not so unfair that my rent is low

  3. artsfortransit:

    We’ve recently installed a lovely permanent artwork, Dom (Variations) by artist Laura F. Gibellini, which extends across three stations on the M Line in Queens! At the Seneca Avenue and Forest Avenue Stations, (images above) Gibellini created imagery of clothes hanging on clotheslines printed and hand-painted on laminated glass. The garments speak to local residents and an idea of domesticity, bringing a human scale to an otherwise everyday subway passage. Natural elements and branches and trees can be seen through the semi-translucent glass. Overall, the work seeks to inspire an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere that evokes memories of the past and of a dreamed home. We will feature the third section – a vibrant mosaic of Laura Gibellini’s Dom (Variations) soon!

  4. via theladybadass:

    Scenes from 1963 March on Washington. The march was documented by James Blue and restored by the US National Archives. The entire* film can be seen on the US National Archives Youtube Channel.

    *The audio from 23:13 to 29:44 in this film has been redacted due to a copyright claim by Dr. King’s estate.

  5. tom patti’s “passage” at 74 st/broadway, jackson heights (more)

  6. from the 26th fl of the willamsburg savings bank, 1978, by dinanda nooney

  7. i found jobs

  8. what do people want to see most in the world?

  9. seal of approval (welling ct, astoria)

  10. what made this scene special to me was the very Queens man with his girl, and just beside himself: “NO. I’m not seeing this. I don’t know about no bus pass-ass Santa. he don’t take the 7. I don’t know that shit. Yo Santa how come there’s no sleigh! What? You reindeer sick? What? You going to Main Street?” while the girl alternated between giggling and punching his sleeve

  11. stunning wall crochet at welling ct, a redoubt of street art in queens

  12. hometown hero @notaqueensphotoblog is killing it

    (Source: notaqueensphotoblog)

  13. splendor for the working-class, sunnyside