1. making friends in rainy forest hills

  3. parked at a vestry, even

  4. This wall is over 400 yards long, completely uninterrupted. During the school year, people have been mugged at night walking it. I daydream about driving a bulldozer through it and digging out steps with paving stones. On the next nice day, I’ll bring lots of chalk with me and let the high schoolers deface it as much as it needs.

  5. This guy and another were in suits outside the Flushing library last Friday, smiling in a way that suggests they’re paid better than the Liberty Tax kids. Should’ve asked what he was promoting, can you help me out here?

  6. Makes appearances in the neighborhood every now and then. Rings a grade-school shelter drill klaxon affixed to the side view mirror. Parks the truck, turns on a gasoline generator inside almost as loud as the engine. “Not a bad way to make a living,” my dad says, although his hands are bandaged and he wears a respirator. The truck’s registration says it’s a ‘98 Ford, but my dad thinks it’s older. Bob makes forty bucks off us in a half hour. Our kitchen block and pruning shears are good as new.

  7. classic art in the plumber’s window

  8. fine art in the plumber’s window


    (Source: internethistory)

  11. spooky mansion nr 31 st.

  12. a day in the life: 3p