1. Makes appearances in the neighborhood every now and then. Rings a grade-school shelter drill klaxon affixed to the side view mirror. Parks the truck, turns on a gasoline generator inside almost as loud as the engine. “Not a bad way to make a living,” my dad says, although his hands are bandaged and he wears a respirator. The truck’s registration says it’s a ‘98 Ford, but my dad thinks it’s older. Bob makes forty bucks off us in a half hour. Our kitchen block and pruning shears are good as new.

  2. classic art in the plumber’s window

  3. fine art in the plumber’s window


    (Source: internethistory)

  6. spooky mansion nr 31 st.

  7. a day in the life: 3p

  9. a day in the life: 12p

  10. a day in the life: 11a 

  11. beach 92nd st.

  12. my very talented friend Jon (goodbyewren) is kickstarting his upcoming trip to Tbilisi. support an artist who is incidentally one of my favorite people, and get a beautiful print for doing so.

    (via goodbyewren)